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Pentac Plus brochure created by Wirlo Associates

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There's more to advertising than graphics. Advertising is the science of persuasion. In fact, the good ad is not the one that looks the best, but the one that sells the most. Generating sales is the primary reason businesses allocate a percentage of their capital resources to advertising. Like a good salesperson, an ad not only makes consumers aware of your products, it communicates its value and benefits.

We create ads that do more than look good: we create ads that generate attention and sales. While the size and color of an ad can make a difference, it's the story it tells that really counts. Consumers want good products that will benefit them in some way. It's especially true in this economy. Whether retail or industrial, Wirlo will develop an ad that will generate better visibility and readership by bringing attention to the benefits and value of your products or services.

Webster Plastics brochure created by Wirlo Associates

A brochure is there when your salesperson can't be. One of the worst things you can do is send an untrained sales person to a potential customer, so why would you want to do the same with a brochure? Settling for a brochure that looks good but doesn't say much is one of the biggest mistakes a marketing manager can make. The net result is all too familiar: the brochure gets a quick glance and immediately ends up in the recycle bin.

WIRLO designs brochures that will not make it directly to the recycle bin but remain on your customer's desk for a while. We design brochures that put the emphasis on function rather than beauty. We're not out to win awards, we're out to sell your product. Our brochures communicate and tell the story to your customers just as well as your sharpest salesperson. After all, what is the point of creating a brochure if no one is going to read it?

With the cost of postage going up and the growing emphasis on email, does it make any sense to use direct mail? The answer is yes. Direct mail does have its advantages. For example, how can you touch and feel a sample of fabric or how can you smell a fragrance sample by email? What about the customer who still prefers reading a catalog in an easy chair rather than sitting in front of a computer screen? Not everything lends itself to being sold on the internet.

Effective direct mail can work magic when it comes to selling a specific product or specific service. From simple post cards to colorful catalogs and single product promotions, we have helped our clients garner new customers and more profits. We can produce a complete direct-mail program, from design to printing and mailing.

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garagepoxy brochure

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